Your Own Worst Enemy

Khristopher Santos

The Problem

When life throws you a few curve balls, it’s easy to get distracted and focus only on the problem right in front of you. Now I wanna ask you where did this problem come from? You probably haven’t thought about it much, have you? It probably seems that the problem just appeared out of nowhere and nothing that you have done or any of the choices you have made created this problem in the first place. Whether your problem is that you can’t get up for work on time, your room is always a mess, or you don’t feel like you are making healthy choices, every time you try and take a step toward solving the problem, you somehow end up two steps backward. A lot of us have a great habit of always doing everything possible to not set ourselves up for success. We fall victim to self sabotage.

The Solution

I once read somewhere that the only person standing between us and our best lives is no one other than ourselves. We have the ability to undeniably and unapologetically take control of our own lives. It’s all about the actions we choose to make. If you want to be somewhere on time, try to not stay up until the crack of dawn. Go to bed. If you wanna do better in school, learn to prioritize your time. If that means not going out to stay home and study, then do so. If your mental health is suffering and you’re not sure why, find a therapist that can help you.

Ultimately, you have to take the first step. It is up to you to achieve every goal and dream you have ever decided on for yourself. You have to make your dream or your goal a reality. The change that is needed to accomplish our goals can be found inside each of us but it’s up to the individual to grab change by the reigns and steer it wherever they desire.

The bumps along the way

It’s a lot easier to ask someone to take control of their life or a situation than it is to actually do it. Alongside goals and dreams comes the opportunity to fail. Failure is something that causes a lot of us to shake with fear and sadness, but accepting and dealing with those emotions is just as important as achieving the goals themselves. Achieving a goal feels a lot more satisfying when you’ve put in the work. You can’t allow failure and negative emotions to steer you in a negative direction.

Learning how you may be self sabotaging and ways to avoid doing so is crucial to moving forward with your dreams and goals. If you want change you have to be the change. Take steps, no matter how small, to find solutions that work best for you and help you to find your personal happiness.

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