Thank You Winter, Hello Spring Part II

Sara Hosny

Rainy days always seem to suck all of the energy out of me. I could sleep for a full 12 hours, but if I wake up to a gray cloud, I’m suddenly much too exhausted to leave my bed.

“It’s 2019” I think to myself, “why haven’t we banned rainy days yet?”

The truth is that nobody particularly prefers getting soaked on a simple trip from point A to B, but rain is part of a vital cycle necessary for universal life.

Think about it.

We cherish the absolute beauty of the flowers growing in the spring time and we forget that such elegance could not possibly be achieved without the preceding storm. We gush and rave about the benefits of drinking enough water like all the wonderful things it does for your skin, health, and mental clarity. But we forget that the pestering precipitation is responsible for replenishing our most essential natural resource. And let’s not forget how much you loved to dance in the rain or play in mud when you were a kid.

People sometimes become jaded by years of living through the same-old cycle of the ever-changing seasons. It’s easy not to acknowledge the gravity each one has. We just know that the plants die in the winter and fall, filling us with sorrow, and then they grow again in the spring and summer, filling us with optimism.

We don’t recognize that winter is the season of renewal and spring is the season of regrowth.

There is purpose in every season. The plants and animals hibernate in the winter in order to restore and renew their resources in anticipation of the rebirth they will experience in the upcoming spring equinox. Comparatively, when the days seem to shorten and the sunlight moves away in the winter, it’s the universe telling you to rest, for your energy is much needed for the limitless opportunities the regrowth of spring has to offer. The quietness of winter allows time for contemplation and meditation, while the bustle of spring encourages new growth and discoveries. Both are equally cultivating and crucial processes.  Without them, there could be no growth. Don’t dwell on the bitterness of the snow or the gloominess of the rain. Instead, let the white of the snow purify your mind and the rain cleanse your soul.

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